Halloween Pet Safety in West LA

The lead up to Halloween and the night itself is a bustle of activity that has the whole neighborhood buzzing. Despite all the excitement, it’s important to make your pet’s safety a priority during Halloween. Between the candy, costumes, and trick-or-treaters, there are a lot of opportunities for sick, injured, and anxious pets! Our animal hospital has Halloween pet safety tips for keeping your pet safe this holiday.

Keep the Candy Out of Paw’s Reach

Even though chocolate is no good for our cats and dogs, it seems like they love the taste! Don’t leave any candy unattended, and make sure your kids know that they shouldn’t share their loot with Fluffy or Fido. Make sure to have plenty of your pet’s own treats on hand so they can take part in the fun!

Crooked Costumes

Costumes and decorations can cause a lot of problems for our pets. By getting dressed up as your favorite superhero or villain, you alter your appearance, and sometimes, even your smell. This makes it harder for your pet to recognize you, which could make them anxious, and even defensive. If they are acting nervous around you and other costumed guests, put them in a room by themselves with a favorite so they can relax for the evening.

Halloween Pet Safety in West LA: A Cat Coming Out of a Jack-o'-lantern
Black kitten sitting in Halloween Jack-o-latern

Dastardly Decorations

Decorations are half the fun at Halloween, but they can be hazardous to our pets. Make sure to keep any open flames (whether in jack-o’-lanterns or plain candles) out of reach of curious noses and wagging tails. Additionally, supervise pets around décor such as carved pumpkins, corn stalks, and spider webs which can cause severe stomach upset and obstruction if ingested. Finally, take care to set up electric lights and animatronics so pets can’t reach the cords or any other part that might look like a chew toy.

Other Safety Tips

A couple of other things to think about include:

  • Leaving your pet outside. While it may seem like a better place for them with a constantly ringing doorbell in the home, it could be dangerous. Wild animals are more active at this time of year, especially at dusk. Additionally, Halloween pranksters could play a trick on your pet that could leave them scared at best or hurt at worst.
  • Trick-or-treaters at the door. Make sure your pet is kept away from the door, especially if they get nervous around strangers. Even the calmest, gentlest pets can become frightened and defensive with strange costumed guests!

If you have any other questions about Halloween pet safety, contact us at 310-559-2424 or ask at your next appointment!