Holiday Pet Safety in West LA

What are your plans for this holiday season? Are you hosting family and friends or traveling? Regardless of where you’ll be, it’s important to make your pet’s safety and comfort a priority this holiday season. To help you keep the holidays merry and bright and avoid a run to the emergency animal hospital, we’ve come up with holiday pet safety tips!

Keeping Guests and Pets Happy & Healthy

  • Be open to your guests. When inviting people over for your holiday dinner, be sure to remind them of your cat or dog! If they have allergies, they can take the necessary precautions, and should they have any more serious issues, they can let you know so you can be sure your pet is secured in a backroom before they arrive.
  • Give your pet their space. Create a safe, quiet space where your pet can go to relax during all the festivities. Even the friendliest of pets can get exhausted from all the people and attention!
  • Be cautious around doors. As your guests are arriving and leaving, your pet can easily slip out and get lost. Keep your pet away from the doors, and make sure their ID tags and microchips are up to date!
  • No sharing of table scraps. Make sure your guests know your policy of sharing table food with your pet. Either tell them to avoid sharing any food at all, or to always ask you before sharing.

Avoiding Dangerous Decorations

  • Holiday lights. There’s nothing as quite as lovely as the glow of holiday lights. Whether on your tree, your windows, or elsewhere in your home, it’s important to secure them away from your pet. Chewing on the cords could cause electric shock and incandescent bulbs can let off enough heat to burn your pet if they get tangled.
  • The Christmas tree. Whether fake or real, make sure your tree is secured to the floor to keep your pet from knocking it over and causing damage to your house or hurting themselves! Also, keep your pet from drinking the tree water if you do have a real tree in your home. The water can hold all sorts of poisons for your pet!
  • Mistletoe, holly and other festive plants. Be sure to hang the holly with care! Holly, mistletoe, lilies, amaryllis, and other festive plants are poisonous to your pet and can cause serious issues if ingested. Poinsettias, too, can cause gastrointestinal upset.
  • Ornaments and tinsel. Anything shiny and dangly is bound to catch your cat’s attention, and maybe your dog’s, too! Tinsel and ornaments can be particularly dangerous because if they break and are ingested, your pet could develop intestinal obstruction, which likely will require surgery to remove. Refrain from using tinsel, and hang any breakable ornaments on the highest boughs.

Holiday Pet Traveling Tips

  • Domestic and international travel. Traveling interstate or across international borders will require a health certificate for your pet. Do your research and make sure you have the right information for your destination’s requirements.
  • Traveling by car. Pets should always be safely restrained in a car, either with a harness or a carrier.
  • Pack for your pet. Make sure you have everything your pet needs, and more, including their food and medications, copies of their medical records, their leash, a litter pan, and even some of their familiar toys.
  • Pet boarding. If your pet can’t come with you on your holiday travels, consider boarding them. Many boarding facilities fill up fast during the holiday season, so make your pet’s reservation as soon as possible.

Looking for more advice about holiday pet safety? Contact our animal hospital at 310-559-2424 or talk to your veterinarian and our team at your next appointment!