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Santa Monica Vets Are Here for You

If you own a dog, cat, or rabbit in the Santa Monica area and they need medical attention, bring them to Overland Veterinary Clinic. Not long after stepping into our quiet and clean environment, you will be greeted and assisted by a team of Santa Monica vets. One thing you may notice about our clinic is that there’s hardly any seats in the waiting area. This is because service is quick enough where you’re not going to need to sit. You and your pet will have our undivided attention throughout the whole appointment process.

During your pet’s appointment, they will receive the highest quality care, tailored to their needs in a compassionate manner. The goal is to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. We also want you to feel reassured, so come and join your pet for the appointment. Being fully involved is something Overland Veterinary Clinic encourages. Our Santa Monica vets will teach you about your pet’s care and treatment. They will also be here to listen to any questions or concerns you have at any time. No question is too dumb or outlandish. At Overland Veterinary Clinic, we are all about transparency.

Our Veterinary Services

Overland Veterinary Clinic provides many services to your pets. Here’s the kind of care our Santa Monica vets will give them:

Along with traditional Western medicine, Overland Veterinary Clinic has alternative medicine available. This is useful to your pets if they’re not responding correctly to a traditional medical approach. They could also benefit more from something different if they’re in a lot of pain. While these methods aren’t guaranteed to work, there’s no harm in having your pet try them out.

Come to Overland Veterinary Clinic Today

If you’re in the Santa Monica area and want to bring your pet to Overland Veterinary Clinic, contact us for an appointment today. Our LA vets are excited to meet you and your pet!