Veterinarians near Culver City

Our Veterinarians Near Culver City Provide Personal Care

When it comes to caring for your family pet, Overland Veterinary Clinic wants to give them the best, most personal care. No two animals are the same, so why should their medical treatment be? Our animal hospital near Culver City tailors each pet’s care towards their individual needs and lifestyle. This is done by forming a personal relationship, not only with your pet, but you—the owner—as well. Everyone’s needs are taken into consideration before any treatment occurs, and of course, we want you involved every step of the way. Your pet is an important part of your family, and our team understands that more than anyone.

About Our Veterinarians Near Culver City

Our veterinarians near Culver City have a wealth of experience in the veterinary industry and bring a great deal of diversity to our practice. Dr. Louis A. Schwartz began his journey into the veterinary field at the age of 13, when he became a veterinary assistant. He now has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Dr. Gregory J. Metten, who had more than 35 years of veterinary experience, recently retired from the practice after delivering nothing but compassionate, professional care to all of his patients. A southern California native, Dr. Jane J. Park joined our veterinary team with special interests in pet surgery, medicine, and cardiology. And to accommodate our exotic animal patients, we have Dr. Jasmine E. Flanagan on the team, who joined our animal hospital with more than 17 years of veterinary experience.

Our Veterinary Services

At Overland Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians near Culver City provide the following services for dogs, cats, and rabbits:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Preventive care, vaccinations, and pest prevention
  • Pet allergy and skin care
  • Dietary consultations
  • Preventive and specialized care for rabbits

If you’d like to see all that Overland Veterinary Clinic has to offer, contact us at 310-559-2424 for an appointment. See you soon!